2 September 2013


#6                                                                                                                                                            #8

001. Don’t know where my brain’s gone, but I feel so thick. First week of school definitely confuses my brain... Keep messing up the simplest things like getting on the right bus. On one day I even was an hour early! Talking about early birds on the first day of school... Fun fact (not so much fun actually): The first subject I had this week was Culture. The first thing we did was reading Shakespeare poems.... Oh gawd.

002. I do have some exciting news! I’ll be in Harrogate for the IATEFL conference 2014, this takes place in April. Even though it’s more than half a year from now, I’m so excited to go! Not so much for the conference itself, although it’s very useful, but I love travelling! It seems to me that Harrogate is a lovely city to go to too. Can’t wait!

003. Thinking about getting a Clarisonic or a Foreo Luna (mini). They’re both pricy and that really puts me off... What if it doesn’t work for my skin? I really do want one though haha! What to do, what to do... Do you have any experiences with either one? If so, please share your thoughts in the comment section below this post! That would really help me out!

What are you up to today? Have a great week <3

Lots of love, 

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