8 January 2016


Oh hi there… I AM ALIVE!! Looking back at when I last posted on this blog I can only think “Laurie… How could you?” When I started this blog I already warned you in my first post that I am lazy and “quit” things just because it becomes too time-consuming. I’m going to go into a little bit of a different direction, and I’m not expecting many of you to follow. I’ve been thinking loads about what direction I want my YouTube channel to go into and I’ve come to the conclusion that both my YouTube channel and my blog are just a place where I’d like you to come along on my journey throughout life.

This means that this blog will become a “life blog”, a diary if you will, a place where I can share what’s on my mind and a place where I can share anything that I like. Of course I’m still a beauty enthusiast, so there will still be the occasional beauty post or video. I might revamp my blog layout a little too, but I’m not too sure about that yet.

I’m terribly sorry about not spending that much time with you in 2015, but I hope that by tweaking the direction slightly I will be more inspired to write. :-)

Much love,


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