16 March 2015


All of a sudden I have this anxious feeling of being stuck in one place. I love travelling and whenever I feel a bit down, I would love to just pack my bags and leave. Not that I’m running away or anything, but whenever I travel I just feel so much at peace. Even though travelling can be quite stressful at times, it calms me down in some weird way.

Being on a plane can cause a panic attack in some of us. To me it’s like going on a roller-coaster (okay, just having said that, I realised that going on roller-coasters might freak you out as well haha. Let’s just say it’s very, VERY exciting to me).

I’m counting down the weeks, days even, till I can leave and go to London. So glad that my course gives me the opportunity to study and spend time abroad. One day I hope to finally back some bags and travel the world. See more. Experience different cultures, climates, people.

I’m wondering who is out here on the internet that feels the same way, so please tell me in the comments below if you do! :-)

Lots of love,
picture is taken from gratisography.com

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