6 March 2015


Hey there lovely faces!

I have donated my hair and I wanted to make a blog post on it to talk about it a little bit more. I had been growing out my hair for a couple of years and last year I decided that I wanted to donate my blonde locks. I get a lot of questions like “Don’t you regret cutting off your hair?” the answer is no.

I feel that it is important to do something good in this world, even if it’s just something small. I thought about what I could do and I choose to cut off my hair so that someone who isn’t as fortunate as I am can have a nice wig (for free, might I add). My hair will grow and besides that, I kind of like the change. 

If you cannot watch the video, click here!

In total I have donated 25 cm of hair (which is almost 10 inches I believe). If you want to donate your hair in the Netherlands, the usual minimum is 20-30 cm. Normally it can’t be dyed or highlighted and it has to be in a good condition (especially when we’re talking about wigs for children).
Since I have some faint highlights in my hair (dyed, not bleached), I had to look for a foundation that accepted coloured hair. Luckily I found one: www.haarstichting.nl. Their length limit was 20 cm, but just to be sure they could use it I cut off a little bit more.

My mum used to be a hairdresser and she usually cuts my hair anyway, so she cut off my hair for this as well. You have to make sure that your hair is clean, dry and in a braid before cutting it off/sending it to the foundation. When you are not as fortunate to have your mum or another family member as a hairdresser, you can also just go to a salon yourself. There are lots of salons that cut your hair for free or half price if you are donating it, so definitely look into that! Since it differs per country, it’s best to just Google a lot before deciding what to go for. For a list of Dutch hair salons that participate click here.

It is a strange idea that someone will have a wig that has my hair in it, but it is definitely giving me a happy feeling too. I’m not saying that everyone should donate their hair, it’s a choice you have to make yourself and no one should tell you to. It’s a commitment and there’s no going back (but as I said, hair will grow).

I will need to get used to my new hair, since it hasn’t been this short since about 6/7 years. If you have (had) short hair, please let me know your tips and tricks or favourite hairstyles in the comments below!

Lots of love,

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  1. I did the same thing over a year ago! It felt so good to do something that helps other people, just by cutting my hair. ^^

    I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!
    you deserve it x

    Love, Charline