30 March 2015


Today I just want to stay in bed all day and do absolutely nothing. Spoiler: Not gonna happen. But a girl can dream right?

27 March 2015


If you have been reading this blog for longer than a week you may or may not have heard me say this a couple of times, but today is the day I’m addressing it in a special post. I thought it would be useful to write a separate blog posts about why I’m moving and what I’m going to be doing in London. To go along with this post I have made a video, so If you’re lazy (or if you just prefer someone talking to you) then click on the video below!

23 March 2015


Hey lovelies!

It’s officially spring! And I’m celebrating by painting my nails with my MAC Saint Germain nail varnish. It’s so bright and summery. Oh and girly might I add. It usually makes my skin look a tad more tanned than it would normally look. Hooray!

Currently I’m thinking about which nail varnishes to take with me on my two month trip to London (more on that in Friday’s post, so be sure to check this bloggie around 10 AM then). This will probably one of them. If you would like to see which varnishes I’m taking with me to London let me know in the comments! :-)

20 March 2015


Hey people of the internet!
I bought a few bits and pieces to workout in and I thought I’d film a little haul video for you. :-) I am quite rubbish at doing haul post and videos, but I’m starting small haha so hopefully I will get better in time.

Hope you like it!

16 March 2015


All of a sudden I have this anxious feeling of being stuck in one place. I love travelling and whenever I feel a bit down, I would love to just pack my bags and leave. Not that I’m running away or anything, but whenever I travel I just feel so much at peace. Even though travelling can be quite stressful at times, it calms me down in some weird way.

Being on a plane can cause a panic attack in some of us. To me it’s like going on a roller-coaster (okay, just having said that, I realised that going on roller-coasters might freak you out as well haha. Let’s just say it’s very, VERY exciting to me).

12 March 2015


Good morning lovelies! Exactly two years ago I decided to start www.laurierobyn.com and it is still alive! HOORAY! I’m always free on Thursdays but I’m not going to do much else than homework today I'm afraid (sad student life). Today is a good day though!

Hope you’re having a good day too!

Lots of love,
picture is taken from weheartit.com

6 March 2015


Hey there lovely faces!

I have donated my hair and I wanted to make a blog post on it to talk about it a little bit more. I had been growing out my hair for a couple of years and last year I decided that I wanted to donate my blonde locks. I get a lot of questions like “Don’t you regret cutting off your hair?” the answer is no.

I feel that it is important to do something good in this world, even if it’s just something small. I thought about what I could do and I choose to cut off my hair so that someone who isn’t as fortunate as I am can have a nice wig (for free, might I add). My hair will grow and besides that, I kind of like the change. 

If you cannot watch the video, click here!

2 March 2015


Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.

This quote made me think about blogging, or just life in general really. I started out this blog almost two years ago. More as an experiment and just to write about things I liked (mostly makeup at the time). As I told you in my first blog post: I am a quitter. But here I am, still trying to make this blog work. No, wait. It is working.

That’s the whole thing. Sometimes I want to be better, good is never good enough and it is a really bad personality trait. I need to remind myself that just being myself is good enough and that it doesn’t need to be perfect. Nothing is perfect.