26 January 2015


Somewhere a long, long time ago in laurierobyn.com history (read: two years ago), I had a chalazion which I had surgically removed. I never really updated you all on how I was getting on after that. So that's what I'm doing today!

Click here if you cannot see the video!

Basically, I still suffer from styes a ton and it drives me insane. I currently have a stye that isn’t really sure if it wants to be a stye or a chalazion. It has been keeping me company since my summer holiday. Should I give it a name already?

Okay, moving on. Over this period of time I have done a few things to lessen the amount of styes I get and to make the styes I do get go away sooner. I tell the tips in the video above, as well as my experiences with styes since that eye surgery. I hope that the ones who are suffering from styes get some help out of this. Just remember: you’re never alone in anything. :-)

Lots of love,

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