17 November 2014


Okay. Let me get one thing out there first, this post may not be for everyone and may be a little disorganised as I just sat down here to get something off my chest. So I’m sorry if I seem a little out of it or whatever, but just bear with me for a sec.

‘Perfection is a disease of a nation’, you may recognise this sentence from Queen B’s Pretty Hurts. I wonder why it is that in today's world one body type or the other is defined as good or bad. Why is it that we cannot be just happy who we are and let everything else be.

Songs pop up about (worthless) “skinny bitches” and even though I love to sing along and dance to these songs, there’s something wrong about it. I do not mind the songs, they’re fun, but I hate the underlying message that when you do not have curves no man will like you or that you’re less than someone who does have curves.

Apparently our body type – something we cannot do ANYTHING about – defines who we are as a person.

At this moment, having curves, boobs and a big butt, is a thing. It’s “in fashion”. When you don’t have this, you’re ugly and worthless. Why? Can anyone answer this question? Probably not, because society is making us think this way. Of course there are such things as ‘big hips are a sign for men that the women can bear children well’. But are women who do not have big hips unable to bare children? No.

As you might know from previous posts, I’m fitting in the category “skinny bitch with a butt”. However, this is not why I’m writing this post. It doesn’t bother me that much what people think about my body shape. I’m writing this post because I think it’s wrong to say one body shape is better than the other.

I have a fast metabolism; therefore it is extremely hard for me to put on weight. When I was younger people often asked me if I was doing alright. Maybe I was anorexic. Even my own granddad asked my mum if I was eating enough. I found myself hoping for curves and sometimes I still think “Oh, I wish my boobs were a bit bigger”. Since I’ve gone through puberty I have gained some shape, but it’s still nearly impossible to gain fat.
To put this in perspective, I have friends who are categorised as curvy and for them it is really hard to lose weight. No matter what diet they do or how often they work out, losing weight is a very slow process.

What I want to illustrate is that everyone has her (or his for that matter) body type and it is impossible to change your body type with just working out or eating more/less. This ties in with the statement earlier on in this post: our body type is something we cannot change, but society makes us think we can and it therefore defines us as a person.

My message today is that everyone is beautiful. We cannot change who we are, even though we sometimes wish we could. The world is driving us insane because everything needs to be perfect. No one is perfect. No one. But everyone is beautiful in her or his own way. I hope you are doing well and that you are happy in the body you are in today. Let’s stop hating on other people’s bodies and let’s give each other more compliments instead (without insulting others). I’m happy with my body, even though I sometimes wish I had a little bit more curves or what not, I’m happy that it is healthy. I hope you are happy with your body too, because we’re all F-ing beautiful.

Lots of love,
this post was inspired by veracamilla.nl (dutch)


  1. CHAPEAU! you're right, there has been a time (until, I don't know, may 2014 or so?) that being curvy was the equivalent of being fat (which is not true, because I have quite a big bum and boobs, but my tummy is actually small). Then all of the sudden celebs with big bums or whatever, started to make songs about Skinny Bitches and how curvy women are better... Without realising that especially teenagers (who very easily influenced) change their opinion because their idol says this. (Think about songs: all about that bass, anaconda, wiggle wiggle etc). On top of that, Kim Kardashian comes with this naked picture of her huge bum etc. (No, Kim never said that curvy is better than skinny, but the picture comes on top of all these songs...)

    I think it's okay to influence teenagers with the idea that curvy isn't wrong but I think it's wrong to do that by putting 'skinny bitches' down.

    Yeah, my mama she told me don't worry about your size --> nothing wrong with this
    She says, "Boys like a little more booty to hold at night." --> isn't necessarily true
    You know I won't be no stick figure silicone Barbie doll --> Not a very nice thing to say
    So if that's what you're into then go ahead and move along --> boys do not only like you for your appearance, so even if a guy prefers 'skinny bitches', he might still like you better because of your personality..

    So after my whole entire speech, love your post! We cannot tell people often enough that your body type doesn't matter. The only problem is, people only take notice of this subject when a celeb sings about it, which is a shame because those songs aren't very nice... Only Beyoncé nailed 'the-body-type-doesn't-matter' song.

    Sorry sorry for my mega long reaction haha!

    See you Wednesday Laurie!

    XX Tahnee

    1. Wish there was a way I could like your comment haha. That's exactly why I wrote this post. Love you chum xx

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