17 November 2014


Okay. Let me get one thing out there first, this post may not be for everyone and may be a little disorganised as I just sat down here to get something off my chest. So I’m sorry if I seem a little out of it or whatever, but just bear with me for a sec.

‘Perfection is a disease of a nation’, you may recognise this sentence from Queen B’s Pretty Hurts. I wonder why it is that in today's world one body type or the other is defined as good or bad. Why is it that we cannot be just happy who we are and let everything else be.

Songs pop up about (worthless) “skinny bitches” and even though I love to sing along and dance to these songs, there’s something wrong about it. I do not mind the songs, they’re fun, but I hate the underlying message that when you do not have curves no man will like you or that you’re less than someone who does have curves.

Apparently our body type – something we cannot do ANYTHING about – defines who we are as a person.

10 November 2014


Autumn has arrived in the Netherlands and I can finally wear my new jumpers. As much as I hate cold weather and rain, I love being able to wear new outfits and layer different textures. I’m still really busy (as you’ve might been able to tell by the lack of posts), but I’m not willing to give up on this blog.