22 September 2014


Picture by Vivian Wong

Hey there lovelies! As you might have noticed I’ve been a bit MIA lately. I keep apologising for not posting things but I’ve apologised so often now for not doing things that it’s a bit pointless now.

I’m in college and this year has started off so hectic that I’m really overwhelmed by everything. I don’t want to nag about it too much, but I’m just really busy and can’t seem to find time to do things I enjoy, even relaxing on the couch has become a real luxury. I still love blogging, but usually when I have time left to do something I end up going to bed early because I’m so exhausted.
I guess I just wanted to update you all on my situation and I hope you can bear with me for some time. The autumn break is coming soon, so hopefully I will get things sorted by that time so that I have things going up more regularly again!

Lots of love,


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