29 August 2014


Hi there lovely face!

Ever sat somewhere and had a memory of something that made you really proud? Well… I just had one of those moments and I just wanted to write something about it. A little disclaimer: this is not me bragging about something or me wanting to be cool or whatever. This is just me genuinely sharing a childhood memory that made me feel happy. :-)

I love being creative, and I’ve loved it since I’ve been a child. I love drawing and when you spot me in class during a boring lesson supposedly taking notes, you can bet I’m doodling away. I don’t consider myself that good, but when I was still in secondary school I had art class. We were working on a project where you had to draw a person’s face and most of the kids in my class were just trying to copy a picture or used pre-printed eyes, noses and mouths. I wasn’t. I always doodle faces in my notebooks so I just thought I’d wing it.

The teacher came to look at everyone’s work and when she came to my table she almost couldn’t believe what I could do at my age, she thought I was very talented. She even made everyone come over to my table to see it and told everyone that they should use my work as an example. As I said before I hate being the centre of attention, but this made me so proud. Someone big – the teacher – actually noticed that I could draw; she even mentioned I had a talent! As I was quite shy and insecure, this meant a lot to me. It still does. When I think back to that moment it still makes me feel happy and proud.

This is something I drew in secondary school, I don't remember in which year though... but I think it must have been the second or third year of secondary school. 

The last few months some people from my school and I have been setting up an “Introduction Camp”, to start school in a fun way. Pretty much all new students at my school are going to this camp to have fun and get to know their new classmates. I got asked to design the logo for this activity and that is also something I’m quite proud of. It’s now used on the handouts and on t-shirts and it’s insane to see something you’ve created on a t-shirt that hundreds of people will be wearing for at least a few days (I will definitely use mine as PJs when the camp is over haha!).

Again, I don’t want to come across as someone who’s bragging about things. I just want to share something that makes me happy. Please tell me something that makes you happy in the comments. Childhood memories or something that recently happened, anything, it doesn’t matter. <3

Lots of love,

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