18 August 2014


Hi there lovelies! A few days ago I went to this lovely place for lunch with my mom and we had a bit of a high tea. It was a very gloomy day, so it was nice to escape to a world of tea and food (who’s with me?). I’d love to share some pictures of my lunch with you all!

They had a lot of different kinds of tea. The tea was in little pots which was very cute! On the pots there were labels with Italian names (that made it a bit difficult to figure out what tea it was though… but it’s cute so I was able to deal with that haha).
I started off my lunch with a zucchini soup, which was delish! I’m on the hunt for a good recipe now. If you know a good recipe for zucchini soup, please let me know.
Then I had this vegetable pie, which was delicious too! Afterwards we had a bit of a high tea with cupcakes and what not. The pictures I took of that part of my lunch are too dark to show you I’m afraid. Just imagine lots of cupcakes, macaroons and mini sandwiches and me eating them haha.

Honestly, I’m not big on High Tea-ing (eh?). I loved everything I ate, but I’m just so impatient when it comes to food. I just want to eat everything straight away. Please tell me I’m not alone in this haha.

Hope you don’t mind the pictures being a bit gloomy, I tried my best to lighten them up without making them look too dodgy.

Lots of love,

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