23 June 2014


 The last lesson has been taught. The last report handed in. Only 3 more weeks of taking exams and hoping for the best and my summer break will be here…

This summer will be full of changes and I need to take a moment to realise this all. This summer I will go on my first adventure: a holiday to Albufeira with some friends. This summer will be the last summer I’ll be working at my local supermarket (and even though I sometimes feel like a minion, I’m sad to leave all my colleagues). Next year I will go on more adventures one of which will be living in England for at least two months. It’s all very exciting but quite surreal.

My summer break is rather short – about 25 days – and whilst some of my American friends started their summer break back in April, I have to power through until mid-July. However, I’m determined to make the most of it and to live to the fullest. Parties, drinks, days at the lake or beach, getting a nice tan, spending time with friends and most importantly: RELAX!

This summer I want to live. Take things as they come. Enjoy every second of it.

Lots of love,
Disclaimer:  No one of the companies mentioned are paying me to write about the products I’ve mentioned in this post. All opinions are my own and 100% honest. This is NOT sponsored. Picture taken this website!

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