3 March 2014


Hi there lovelies!

I love creating fake wounds just for fun and I actually taught myself how to do it. I love experimenting and making it as realistic as I possibly can. Today I thought I’d show you how I create my fake wounds. All wounds you see in my Instagram posts are made the same way, so if you ever wondered how I make them, watch the video! J

Liquid Latex
Red Face Paint
Black Face Paint
Red Cream Paint
Fake Blood
Zoeva 88 Eyeshadow Palette
Stubble sponge
Paint brushes
Real Techniques Liner Brush
Blending Brush (Zoeva 227)

Music: Josh Woodward – The Parade (Instrumental)
You can actually swap out the liquid latex for glue (that kind of glue you would use as a kid) or lash glue. I’ve heard you can also make something similar using gelatine. J The most important thing is that you have fun with it! Hope you liked this post <3

Lots of love,


Disclaimer:  No one of the companies mentioned are paying me to write about the products I’ve mentioned in this post. All opinions are my own and 100% honest. This is NOT sponsored. The picture and the video have been taken and edited by me.

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