9 February 2014


Hi there lovelies!

Valentine’s Day is coming up, or Single Awareness Day as some like to call it, and most people are sad that they’re still single. Let me tell you something: being single is not that bad at all! It all about how you look at it.
Yes, if you keep thinking “Oh… I wish I had a boyfriend”, “No-one will ever like me”, “I am not good enough to have a boyfriend”, or “Why aren’t there guys out there that are my type?” you will feel miserable and have self-pity.
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I’m single for over a year now and I feel good about it. My friends thought if my (now) ex-boyfriend was to break up with me, my world would stop. It didn’t. Personally, I think it was the best thing that could’ve happened to me. Not at the time, of course, then you feel all heartbroken, but after a while I realised that it wasn’t all that bad.
I opened up to people, I became more outgoing, I became closer to my friends and I realised that I never wanted to have someone in my life that would be “my whole world”. I wanted to be strong myself, not need someone else to make me feel complete. Now I’m doing things I thought I’d never do.
Of course I also have moments when I think “Mm, a boyfriend would be nice” or moments when I long for a nice long hug. But I don’t feel miserable about it.

Why being sad about not having a boyfriend is not a good thing
When you’re sad and you’re thinking you will never ever get a boyfriend again, people – guys, boyfriend-material even – will be able to tell that you’re not happy. Would you want to date someone that isn’t happy? Yes, you can have your moments, but if you’re around someone that is not happy all the time, you won’t feel happy either.
I think guys want someone that is confident, happy and relaxed. Not worrying too much about things.

If you stop worrying about not having a boyfriend, you will feel happier, more confident and that’ll actually attract guys.
Also, you will not trick yourself into thinking you’re in love with someone. Sometimes, you want a boyfriend so badly you’ll make yourself believe you’re in love with someone. After a very short time, you’ll realise you’re not actually in love and then the situation will get painful. If the guy does like you, you will have to break his heart. Not the nicest thing to do.

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Change your perspective
You have to change the way you look at being single. There are a lot of benefits actually! Let me name some:

·         You can do whatever you want, with whoever you want. Doing a sleepover with friends in the spur of the moment? Yes please! You do not have to think “Oh, maybe he wants to hang out as well”, nope. No boys allowed ;)
·         You do not have to shave your legs, armpits or delicate area. Don’t tell me you won’t like that haha.
·         Plenty of me-time. Taking a nice long bath, painting your nails, taking ages to do your makeup and hair. No one will interrupt your pamper evenings.
·         You won’t have to look great all the time. Okay, you shouldn’t have to look great all the time when you do have a boyfriend either, but I always feel that when I have a boyfriend I have to put in a bit more effort. Sweatpants and your oldest pyjama shirt, check!
·         More money to spend on something else (like shoes). When you have a boyfriend, you’re likely to buy him his favourite sweets or go to the cinema or out for dinner every once in a while. All the money you’ll save, oh boy.

I’m sure there are more benefits, like not having to keep your room tidy, but these are pretty good I think.
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What do to when you feel lonely?
·         Give yourself a little spa treatment. Take a long bath or shower, give yourself a mani and pedi, tweak those eyebrows. Do everything to make you feel good. When you do these things, you’ll automatically feel better about yourself.
·         Hang out with friends. Invite some friends over and watch a movie or have some drinks.
·         Watch all the episodes of your favourite TV show. Nothing Pretty Little Liars or Beauty and the Beast can’t fix, right? ;)
·         Stay in bed all day long and just rest, take a day off.
·         And if it’s really bad, eat ice cream while taking a bath.
If you’re struggling with loneliness, I hope this will make you feel better. Be proud! You can do this and you do not need anyone to help you with it. Just be you.
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Lots of love, kisses and hugs,

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