15 February 2014


Hi there lovelies!

I wanted to put this post up earlier today, but I couldn’t get round to it as I needed to go to work. Needless to say I wanted to put it up today anyway! So here it is. <3

I told you in yesterday’s post that I wanted to surprise my Valentine (aka my mum). I ordered some flowers online and kept my mouth shut. It was quite a challenge to find flowers I liked that weren’t expensive as ish, but hey, I went over budget and I found some!
Ordering flowers online is kind of tricky, as they always put up a disclaimer that the actual bouquet may look different because of the flowers that are in season.
My mum actually told me this story:
She was washing up some dishes and from our kitchen window you can look onto our little driveway and onto the street. She knew I ordered her new phone case, so when she saw a car pulling up, she immediately thought they were delivering her phone case.
Then a woman came out of the car with a bouquet, and my mum thought “Ha! They’re for Laurie, she has another secret admirer! I wonder who it is…”
When my mum opened the door, the woman said “Oh, there’s a card to go with it…” with a big smile on her face, my mum didn’t understand at first and she was a bit confused. She closed the door and walked back into our kitchen. Then she looked at the little card.
Only a mother as perfect as you, could have a daughter as perfect as me. PS. You didn’t expect this, did you? ;)
She texted me that she didn’t and that she’d almost cried. Almost haha! My dad had to work a night’s shift at work the night before, so when he woke up and came downstairs, she jokingly said “Look I got flowers…”, my dad immediately responded jealously “What?! From whom?!”, they she said she got them from me and it was okay haha.
I also have to say I personally think the bouquet turned out really well! I love the combination of colours and flowers! 
When I got home from school my dad gave me a thumbs-up and the proud-father-look. (Really, he isn’t a man of many words haha) All day long my mum has been thanking me for the flowers. 

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Lots of love,


Disclaimer:  No one of the companies mentioned are paying me to write about the products I’ve mentioned in this post. All opinions are my own and 100% honest. This is NOT sponsored. All pictures have been taken and edited by me. The flowers were ordered at fleurop.nl

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