22 February 2014


Picture found at Teskuh.nl

Whilst hunting for new blog post ideas, I came across the Blogger Comment Challenge. I saw this on Scandalous Beauty Online and she got it from the Independent Fashion Bloggers.

Commenting on blog posts means a lot to the person behind a blog. No matter how many followers they have, if someone takes the time to comment, they appreciate it a lot. I read a lot of different blogs and I comment every once in a while, but that doesn’t happen very often. I want to challenge myself to comment more on blog post of fellow bloggers.

I know how much work and time goes into making a blog post and I feel that they should get that extra compliment. Yes, I will probably be one of hundreds, thousands, of followers, but every comment counts.

Tips on leaving comments:
·         Needless to say: be nice! If you don’t have something nice or informative to say, just don’t say anything. Constructive criticism is OK, but don’t be harsh. <3
·         Put effort into a comment. Show the blogger that there is a real person behind the comment and not someone who just wants to get attention by commenting the same things on every blog (post) they come across.
·         Make sure you have an openID/Gravatar/Google+ account to connect to the comments. It’s nice to put a face on followers/comments.
·         Leave as many comments on as many different blog posts as you possibly can! Show the love!

I’m not going to set a goal of how many blogs to comment on, but I definitely will make a greater effort to start commenting on blogs more often.

Lots of love,

Disclaimer:  No one of the companies mentioned are paying me to write about the products I’ve mentioned in this post. All opinions are my own and 100% honest. This is NOT sponsored. 


  1. I so agree with you that it's important to make a bit of an effort when commenting. If you're just going to say 'nice!' or 'this looks good!' you haven't exactly put much thought into it, right... It sometimes also makes me wonder if the people who post generic comments like that even read my post.

    1. Indeed! I feel te same way too. Although sometimes I can imagine reading a post and just posting a generic comment and be sincere... but still haha. It's nice to actually feel that there's a real, heart-beating person behind a comment. xoxo