14 November 2013


Hi there lovely faces! As you might have noticed, it’s extremely quiet on my blog… I am still alive. However, my internship just started and I’m suuuper busy. This internship is very important to me, so I just need to focus on that first. It’ll only take 9 weeks and then I’ll hopefully be back completely.

I will still be blogging, just not every day. I’m thinking about blogging about my internship, but that also depends on how much time I have every week.

FYI: I am doing a teacher training course, so my internship consists of preparing lessons, teaching pupils, attend meetings and attend fun events the school organises. Nothing fancy haha! I’m wondering though, would you like me blogging about it? I have to keep a Dutch weblog, so I’ll write a little diary in Dutch about every day I’m there. So I could write daily or weekly updates (on this blog) on what I’ve been up to. What do you think?

Besides that, I also have to go to school and I have to work. Nonetheless I will still try and blog as much as I possibly can. It all depends on how much time I have left after all the things that need to be done first are done.

What kind of study do you all do? Are there any future teachers out there? J

Tip: While I’m not blogging too much, I will update you more on my twitter and Instagram! Follow me there if you want to hear from me more often. 

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