2 November 2013


It’s getting colder, nights are getting longer and longer and it’s getting so hard to get out of bed. I’d rather cuddle up underneath two duvets and never get out of my little nest. I’m not really a morning person anyway, but I find myself getting out of bed as late as I possibly can. One morning I had only 20 minutes to get up, dress, do my hair, eat, get my stuff and books, and make it to the bus stop on time. It is possible yet not desirable.

Sometimes I wish I was born in California or another place where it’s warm all-year round (although I do like it to be cold during Christmas, it’s so cosy!). Then again, I love sleeping underneath thick duvets, long hot baths and hot chocolate with whipped cream to keep me warm. Not that you can’t take nice hot baths during warmer months, but it just isn’t the same.

When I think of people who live in Northern Europe, I think I shouldn’t moan so much about how cold I am… I believe it gets -30 degrees Celsius out there… I would die.

Where do you live? Do you have colder months? What is the coldest day you’ve ever experienced? I think mine was someday last year; it was -13 degrees Celsius when I had to take a train to my internship. Meh.

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