10 October 2013


As it’s October, I just needed to do the Autumn Tag! Hope you like it!

Favourite thing about Autumn?
The cosiness. I’m more of a summer person, but I love layering clothing and mixing textures. Burning candles, duvet covers, walking around in a big jumper and slippers, drinking late macchiato… Why does the weather have to be so cold and miserable in the Netherlands?!

Favourite drink?
Late Macchiato. Without a doubt! I like coffee, but this milky sweet variant is soooo good!

Favourite scent/candle?
I love cinnamon scented candles best. I don’t like fruit nor flower scents AT ALL. I recently bought the Air Wick colour changing candle that smells like cinnamon, it smells so nice! Can’t wait to see the effect of the changing lights.

Best lipstick?
MAC Rebel Lipstick. It’s just the perfect autumn lip colour. I have to wear it more often though… When I don’t want to go for a dark lip, I just pat it on as a lip stain.

Go-to moisturiser?
.Uuuhhm… I don’t really have a go-to moisturiser yet actually. Any recommendations?

Go-to colour for the eyes?
Gold and copper tones. I love the warmth it gives to the eyes!

Favourite music to listen to?
The usual. I don’t really change the kind of music I listen to? Is that weird? Read in this post what kind of music I like!

Favourite outfit to wear?
Jeans, a fun top, a thick cardigan, maybe a scarf and boots.

Autumn treat?
Mmm.. I usually buy some new clothes. Does that count as a “treat”? I do treat myself to a pamper evening more often in autumn.

Favourite place to be?
In bed hiding underneath my duvet covers! Haha I also like being close to a fireplace with a blanket and with my parent’s dog to cuddle with.

I tag... Tahnee!

Lots of love,

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