16 September 2013


#8                                                                                                                                                          #10
001. Getting more into playing my guitar again. For those who don’t know, I play the guitar and sing. Since the beginning of last year I didn’t play as much as I used to and kind of forgot about it. I’m playing more and more now and it’s my little getaway.

002. Having loads of work to do but I don’t really have the motivation to actually do it. I’ve always been a last minute person – I find that I get better results when I’m close to a deadline – but lately I keep forgetting important things and it stresses me out... Mpff, hopefully I’ll get myself together before it’s too late haha.

003. Excited for the next few weeks! I have a few fun events coming up and I can’t wait! I’m going to see the Sister Act Musical, two concerts (one being the John Mayer concert!) and of course my birthday. Would anyone be interested to see a vlog or a blogpost of one of those days? 

What are you up to today? Have a great week <3

Lots of love, 

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