30 September 2013


#10                                                                                                                                                        #12
001. Busy, busy, busy! 24hrs a day is just not enough sometimes…I have some really exciting news tomorrow! It is so stressful though, I need to do so much work in order to make it happen (I’m not really complaining though, don’t get me wrong haha I love blogging). Fingers crossed it’s going to work out well!

002. I’m not very good at math nor algebra to be honest. So I consciously avoided a study that would have any courses concerning those topics. At least that’s what I thought. In my Teaching Skills course we have to do math again! Plus I have to do an actual test on it too! I’m probably going to die. I’m so confused… We have to know how many mistakes you can make on a multiple-choice test and still have a sufficient mark. Sigh. I won’t bore you with the actual formula though haha.

003. Soooo I was on a spending ban for at least until the end of October. I spent over €100,- last Saturday… Needless to say I’m not very good at this haha! I have an excuse though! My mum works at a shop and she gave me this coupon to get €10,- off, and I had to use it before the end of September… So I did….  

Lots of love, 

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