23 September 2013


#9                                                                                                                                                          #11
001. The weather in the Netherlands is so RANDOM. It’s annoying me. Two or three weeks ago we had a heat wave, so it was around 30 degrees Celsius. One week later temperatures dropped to only 15 degrees Celsius. Everyone got this nasty cold and we were all moody because of the cold weather. We accepted the fact that autumn was here. Now the weather is changing again into this muggy MEH. Say goodbye to your immune system.

002. On a happier note: September is almost over! That means October will be here soon and, as said in my last post, it’ll be an exciting month! I went through my planner and noticed that I have fun things planned for almost every single week. Yay! My mum is busy too though, meaning that we don’t know when to have my birthday party...

003. I’m on a shopping ban. It’s so hard! We had to book the apartment in Harrogate plus I had to pay the school for this year’s courses. So money is a bit tight at the moment. I’m not having problems or anything; I just think it’s better to wait until November before I can go shopping again. My birthday is in October too, so maybe I’ll get makeup or accessories as a present, would be a shame if I’d bought it a few weeks earlier haha. (I’m sorry for being so birthday-heavy lately, I’m just so excited!)

What are you up to today? Have a great week <3

Lots of love, 

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