29 July 2013


#1                                                                                                                                                            #3

Hi there lovely faces!

001. Too hot to function. The weather over here – being the south of the Netherlands – has been so random lately. One moment it’s super sunny and hot and everyone is complaining that it’s too hot out, and before you know it the whole city is flooded because of a rain storm. This is deadly serious you guys, no joke! Karma is a bitch haha!

002. My mum’s birthday is coming up soon! Time to buy birthday presents. I always give her the same thing: Kneipp Almond Blossom goodiebox with bodylotion, shower gel and that kind of stuff. Don’t think I’m that daughter that doesn’t want to come up with anything else; she is literally obsessed with this stuff lol!

003. The day before yesterday I was so bored that I taught myself the Cup Song (When I’m Gone) from the Pitch Perfect movie. It’s actually so much fun when you finally get the hang of it! 

[ Click HERE if the video doesn't work!]

Disclaimer:  No one of the companies mentioned are paying me to write about the products I’ve mentioned in this post. All opinions are my own and 100% honest. This is NOT sponsored. All pictures are taken by me.

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