9 May 2013


Hi everyone! Today I’m going to review the Lush Lemony Flutter.

Lemony Flutter is a super-thick cream full of ingredients that soften up and hydrate dry bits. Knees, elbows, heels, nails and cuticles all will benefit from this cream. This cream has been hyped up in the YouTube and Blogger world, so I gave in decided to give it a whirl
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This is what Lush says about Lemony Flutter:
We have put almost every oil and butter from our store cupboard into this little pot, making the softest thickest cream we could to make sure those stubborn bits surrender. Check out the ingredients list, because there are too many to fit into this little write-up! 
To make you feel good about having nasty dry bits, we’ve put a zingy uplifting lemon fragrance in this, which leaves you unable to stop sniffing yourself. 
When you run out of dry bits to treat, you’ll be looking for excuses to keep using this beautiful cream. 
This cream is made to a very old-fashioned, traditional formula. It is a beeswax emulsion and uses thick oils and butters and very little water all skillfully put together. It is the lost art of traditional cream making – and we think it gives a high quality cream that makes the oils easily available for the skin to take up. Sometimes it is wise to take lessons from history. 
The Ingredients:
*occurs naturally in essential oils

Tip: Click on any ingredient to go to the Lush website for more detailed information about that ingredient.
Quick translation for my non-Dutch readers: You only need a bit. Massage directly onto dry bits or cuticles. Top Tip The fresh lemon scent smells irresistible and helps against the discolouration of your nails. 

Main blogger/youtuber uses this buttery cream for their cuticles, and it works wonders. You only need the tiniest bit. When you rub it in, it turns in to oil. It works really nice as cuticle oil, but as said before, it works well for any dry bits you may have.

It smells amazing! I love the lemony scent it has. It’s no secret that lemon has a bleaching effect and this works great against stained nails.
So far, I’m really pleased with this cream. It really does work wonders for my cuticles! It retails for £6.25/50g in England. Prices do vary in every country. 
Because it’s such a thick cream and you only need the tiniest amount of it, you will have a hard time emptying it before the expiration date. Good luck with that, haha!

Lots of love,
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