11 May 2013


Hi there lovely faces! To be honest with you, I never ever filled in my brows until a couple of days ago. I have quite strong brows myself en never had the need to. I did notice that I have some sparse bits though, so I thought; why not give it a go?
I decided to go with a cheaper option first, instead of going straight to MAC or Anastasia. I bought the Sleek Brow Kit in Light. I have quite dark brows considering I have naturally blonde hair, but knowing that most “cheaper” brands don’t have the greatest colour selection for fair coloured brows, I went for light.

The Kit contains a wax to shape your brows and give a bit of colour and a powder to set that. I think the wax is a bit too dark to fit most “light” brows. It also has a slight warm undertone, what isn’t that great for blonde people, as their brows tend to be more ash-toned.
There’s an angled brush to put on the wax.
I’ve compared the thickness of this brush to a brush people would normally use to fill in their brows (I read enough reviews to know that haha). Even though it is almost twice as thick, I do not think it’s a bad brush. However, I don’t think you’ll get the most natural effect from it if you have really fair brows.
 There’s a shader brush (Sleek calls it a blending brush, but I don’t really get that).
I don’t think there’s anything wrong about this brush.
And last but not least, a pair of tweezers. I think it’s the cutest pair of tweezers ever! Look how tiny it is. I wouldn’t use this for my brows that often though, but you can easily throw this in a bag or purse.
Information on the back of the box the kit comes in. I think it’s nice of them to tell you how to use it.

As said before, I have quite strong, dark brows considering I’m blonde. So for me, the colour is quite good. It’s just a tiny bit too warm for my brows, but I can get away with it. The first day I tried it out, I had dinner with my parents and they didn’t notice any difference, but I don’t think it’s suitable for most blonde people out there.
Posted on my Instagram on 6 May 2013.

Forgetting about the colour, it works fine. It doesn’t smudge that easily, even when you accidentally touch your brows.

Get this: If you have light brown hair – or naturally darker brows as me - with a warm undertone.
Skip: If you’re really fair, this just wouldn’t look good on you at all.

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Disclaimer:  No one of the companies mentioned are paying me to write about the products I’ve mentioned in this post. All opinions are my own and 100% honest. This is NOT sponsored. All pictures are taken by me. 


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  2. is the colour of the actual product different to the colour of the product on the superdrug website? xx


    1. Yes, I think it's definitely darker compared to the product picture on the superdrug website. If you have very light hair/brows I wouldn't recommend getting this one as the waxy bit is quite dark..

      Hope this answers your question! <3