3 April 2013


Hi everyone! Today I want to talk about my eyes. You may think: what about it?
Back in October, I had an eye infection. It was horrific, I’ve had eye infections in the past, but it never was as extreme as this one. I decided to see the doctors, but they couldn’t do anything for me.
(My eye 16 October 2012)

After a week or so, luckily, my eye became better. It seemed to be gone and I was a happy little girl. However, there still is this lump in my right eyelid. This is called a chalazion. Basically, it’s a cyst in my upper eyelid caused by inflammation of a blocked sebaceous gland. For people who don’t know what a sebaceous gland is: it’s where the oils in your hair/skin come from.  
Tomorrow I’m going to go to the hospital. The doctors will examine it and then I’ll hear what happens next. It’s going to be removed in the near future. If I’m honest, I’m quite nervous about all that. I don’t like hospitals, and since we’re talking about my eyelid here, it’s a bit disturbing haha.
I wanted to let you know about all this. I knew people would ask me about it if I didn’t (For example when I do an eye look or something, or even take a picture, and you see there’s something weird going on with my eye).

I’ll update you after my operation on how it went and what my experience was like. Follow me on Instagram if you want to see more daily updates on what is going on in my life.

Lots of love,

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