28 March 2013


Hi everyone! Today’s blog post is going to be Part Two of my “Blogpost I Can Relate to/Inspire Me!” you can read part one here

For me, this topic is quite hard to talk about. I was never allowed to, so I’m not used to talk about it either. The post I’m talking about is about weight (“Why are you so skinny?”) and is, again, written by Zoe.

Now before I offend someone, or come across as “Look at me, I’m this and that, I’m perfect and you’re not” it isn’t my intention to do that. I’m not perfect at all, no one really is.  I’m 5tf5” and weigh about 7st8lb. I’m aware that I’m below ‘average’. As Zoe, I have never had an eating disorder, in no way or form.

Zoe talks about what she had to deal with as a teenager, how society thinks about people who are skinnier than the average, how it’s “normal” to ask skinny people if they are anorexic or to tell them they have to eat better.
"Are you anorexic", "you need to put some weight on", "You are a bag of bones", "why are you so boney", "why are you so skinny", "get some meat on your bones", "are you okay?"
All this you would kind of expect from curious school children, but what astonishes me, is that people still ask me these things. People I don't know. Quite strange as I now have boobs (of a generous size), hips, and wobbly bottom (yes, it wobbles...Just being honest haha) and I have filled out quite noticeably. Yet people still think it's okay to say these things? Would you say these things to someone who was noticeably larger than the average person?
"Are you obese?", "You need to lose weight", "You are a big bag of fat", "why are you so fat?", "You need to get some meat off those bones of yours", "Are you..okay?" 
No. You just wouldn't would you. So why is it acceptable to ask a skinny person questions of the same criteria? Do you think it doesn't affect them the same way it would someone who was fat? Written by Zoe. 
A couple of weeks ago, even my granddad asked my mum if I was eating enough and said that she should keep an eye on what I consumed on a daily basis. He was afraid I was anorexic.
Now, it doesn’t affect me that much if people think I’m anorexic or something like that - I know I’m not. 
What bothers me is that I’m not allowed to say anything about it and that the society makes assumptions about people they don't even know. 

For me, it’s quite difficult to shop for clothing. Prom dresses, high waist skirts and shorts and things such as peplum tops are the hardest. I always have to look for things online, because I simply can’t find it in the shops.

“Shut up, you’re skinny”, “Oh, don’t complain, you’re so skinny and you can eat everything” 
That is what bothers me.
I think that, as long as you’re feeling comfortable in your own skin and it doesn’t put your health in danger, you’re beautiful. Society should stop making assumptions about everyone and everything and don't think you're "fat" if you have a nice bum and bosom, you're just beautiful. 

Please take your time to read Zoe's post, I could copy everything, but that is plagiarism haha. Tell her I said Hi! 

Lots of love,

** Pictures are taken from weheartit.com **

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