16 March 2013


MAC Rebel, I would describe it as a burgundy or black currant colour. This is my first MAC lipstick, and I am very excited! I’m used to using high street/drugstore lipsticks and I have never earned (nor used) a high end one before.

Now, you may wonder why I chose this lipstick. Well, I’ll have to admit, it’s kind of Tanya Burr’s fault. I saw her using it back in September or October and I fell in love with it, but I never bought it until now.
I bought it with the idea that you’re able to use it full on and as a stain, to give your lips that “just bitten” look to them.

First off: the packaging. I compared this packaging to the other, non-MAC, lipsticks I have in my little makeup collection. It looks nice, the black with the little sparkly bits in it. It seems to have a kind of coating over it, which makes it feel smooth. The casing feels solid and the lid comes of easily. I love the way it feels when you open and close it!

Then now: the lipstick itself. I love, love, LOVE its scent/flavour. I think that that’s usually the biggest difference in quality; its vanilla scent does add this luxury feeling to it. Most high street/drugstore lipsticks smell and taste horrible.

This lipstick is a Satin. Very pigmented, not completely matte but not glossy or shimmery either and it isn’t drying out your lips. It actually feels moisturizing. So far, I’m very pleased with this lipstick.

All pictures have been taken by me.

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