23 March 2013


Hi everyone! Today I’m going to tell you about my “First Impression” of the The Graphic Eyes+ Box by Zoeva.

First stop: The packaging. When you get this in the mail, it has been put in a makeup bag, which I think is great, because you can actually use the bag as a makeup bag. The set comes in a tin, do a see a trend here? (Read: MAC’s Archie’s Girls Collection has this tin thing going on as well) Frankly, I don’t think I will keep them in the tin, because it takes up quite a lot of space considering it contains only a few things. But the idea is great!
When you open the tin – this is the exciting part – the 10 pencils, sharpener and booklet are nicely put together. You have the cool toned pencils on the left and the warm toned pencils on the right. A minor complaint: the pencils are a bit hard to get out. On the other hand it’s a good thing, because you won’t have to be afraid they will fall out.
Now on to the product: the pencils! I have some of the Zoeva Soft Kohl pencils, and I really like them.
You get 10 pencils for €36, so for each pencil you pay only €3.60, and you get the sharpener and the booklet! Separately, each pencil costs €5.20, so you get a nice discount. Bargain!  

The colour range is really nice, they are unique but wearable. I think the descriptions Zoeva gives us are adorable so I'll put them in here.
The cooler shades, from the top down:
Close to Heaven: Described as “Dreamy and unexpected beauty. Iridescent light lilac/blue”, I would describe Close to Heaven as a cool, transparent pinkish/lilac shade with a blue sheen. I think this would be a beautiful inner corner highlight!

Mr. Marvelous: Described as “Two parts of heartbreaker, one part of madness. Black base with purple fine glitter”, when you see it, you would say it’s a dark purple. However, I have to agree with their description, you’ll see why when you see the swatches.

Good Karma: Described as “Your everyday fortune cookie. Mermaid teal-green with gold coloured fine glitter”, again I have to agree. When I see this colour I instantly think of mermaids, it’s beautiful!

Female Attraction: Described as “Prepare to stand out proud at the front. Matte, dark teal”, I would describe Female Attraction as creamy matte, dark petrol blue.

Blue Lotus: Described as “For a Royal Blue Rendezvous. Matte, rich royal blue”, I can’t disagree. It’s a beautiful royal/navy blue.
From left to right: Blue Lotus, Female Attraction, Good Karma, Mr. Marvelous, Close to Heaven.
(Do you see Mr. Marvelous? In this picture you see that it’s a black with purple glitter due to the lighting.)

The warm shades, from the top down.
Nude Reflection: Described as “She loves the crystal drops of the rain and toast always with champagne. Champagne beige with crystal shimmer ”, I would describe it as a champagne or rose gold colour with a lot of shimmer.

Desert Traveller: Described as “Searching for balance in a faraway place. Matte Desert brown”, this colour reminds me of milk chocolate smeared on a kids’ mouth. Is that a good thing? Haha.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride: Described as “Rocker boy meets princess girl. Dark brown infused with pink and red glitter”, agreed.

Black to Earth: Described as “Smooth, but with a dark side. Rich, matte black”, again, I have to agree. This is the most pigmented, smooth, creamy black eye pencil I have ever seen!

Skyline: Described as “From Frankfurt with love. Matte black with silver coloured fine glitter”, I see why they call it Skyline; it does remind me of the sky at night with stars.
From left to right: Skyline, Black to Earth, Rock 'n' Roll Bride, Desert Traveller, Nude Reflection.
I’m in love with these pencils! Look at that pigmentation! They are really creamy and glide on like a dream. I would definitely recommend it to all of you, without a doubt!

You can order this set here.

They are already shipping to the following countries: Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, the UK, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Portugal, Romania and Spain.

But very, very, very soon, they will be shipping to more international countries as well!

Lots of love,


Disclaimer:  No one of the companies mentioned are paying me to write about the products I’ve mentioned in this post. All opinions are my own and 100% honest. This is NOT sponsored. All pictures of the set are taken by me. 

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